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Forrest McDonald's music doesn't need anyone's stamp of approval. It's "Certified Blue" through and through.

Blues Revue 20th Anniversary Issue ~ By Michael Kinsman


What the DJ's and writers are saying

KVRM 91 9 Eugene, OE Bluesletter Kim and Breakfast with the blues Buckle up for a ride to bluesville

Forrest -- what a GREAT release Frank Rozak sent me of yours. Turnaround Blues, absolutely great! I host a Friday morning blues show on the West Coast, Eugene, OR, to be specific. Usually when I get a new CD, there's maybe 2 or 3 tunes on it that are pretty good, on YOURS, I've "starred" 8 tunes that'd I'd play. Wowza!! Very nice. I really like Chicago style blues, and slow and slinky blues... love the River of Tears as well as V8 Ford. Will be giving you some airplay this Friday and the following Fridays as well.

Thank you! I'm a fan! - Bluesletter Kim

Traditional blues with a contemporary flair, Turnaround Blues has heart and soul that in our current musical climate is often lacking, or, at the very least, very weak. With McDonald on guitar, Andrew Black on vocals, John McKnight on drums, Jon Liebman on harp & vocals, Lee Gammon on bass ad Tony Carey on keyboards the band is as strong as bands get and then some. A good mix that brings primarily original tunes together with some of the greatest classics ever written, this one shows not only McDonald’s songwriting skins but the band’s ability to take a cover tune, break it down and make it their own. Bottom line, this is as good as it gets with your clothes on. This is McDonald’s 12th release on World Talent Records and, in this old man’s humble opinion, worthy of a Blues Music Award (Handy). I consider myself well enough educated in the music to understand what makes a band good…and this band has what it takes and then some. This is blues, top-notch and worthy of a spot among the greats. I recommend it highly to one and all with no exceptions.

Bill Wilson – Reflections in Blue

This posse is so skilled that even their covers sound new. The Forrest McDonald Band will turn one’s blues around with “Turnaround Blues”! Highly Recommended.

Reviewer Rainey Wetnight - Blues Blast Magazine

Forrest McDonald talks about Roy Gaines, Jimmy Page, Muscle Shoals, Jimmy Reed, and Duane Allman. Forrest McDonald: Human Condition Blues, New article from Blues Greece.

"Certified Blue" received great reviews from Living Blues (40th Anniversary Issue) and Blues Revue's 20th Anniversary Issue. Certified Blue - a warm, R&B soaked slice of Texas Blues with a classic Chicago club vibe.  

Just Plain Folks Winner for Blues Song of the year."Going Back To Memphis" on the Colorblind CD

Just Plain Folks Winner for Blues Song of the year."Work Work" on Whats it gonna take? CD

Just Plain Folks Winner for Blues CD of the year." "Spirit of the blues" CD

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FM_Turnaroundblues Forrest & Kaylon McDonald Forrest & Kaylon McDonald colorblind Forrest & McDonald live

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  Forrest makes a guest appearance with The Andrew Black Band

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